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My time is precious and so is yours

Having said that, thank you for investing YOUR time in reading my blog. Growing up in Africa was an amazing experience and one of the many sayings I remember vividly was one that says "in Europe, you have watches but in Africa we have time..."

(PS those cheetahs are actually leopards)

No truer words have been spoken because it seems as if 24 hours is just not long enough to do what we need to do in today's instant, technical, globally connected world. Reading back, that last sentence does make me smile due to the fact I have engineered by business to be just that, you can call or message me instantly, you can contact or follow me from anywhere in the world across multiple platforms and lastly, should you so wish, book a service of your choice online with all the info you need without having to speak to anyone, safe in the knowledge I'll turn up at the time and place of your choice ready to work on your car. Amazing, scary but true, this is our life now and hopefully I can help you, make yours, better, easier and more convenient.

Lets hypothetically say this weekend your better half demands that as a family you all visit a Swedish mega-super store to pick out some piece of furniture you really do not need. Granted, if you are smart and your timing is good meatballs will be served for lunch and all pain temporarily forgotten, however you will need to invest your time, patience, resolve, etc... in this family bonding session, and yes, for all this you must pay good Euro € / Pound £ / USD $ / Other (delete as applicable). After this outing, I doubt you will be effective at anything other that warming the sofa.

1 day down, 1 to go on your (hypothetical) weekend. Who has done the shopping, who took the kids to (dance / rugby / swimming / other (delete as applicable), have you seen the in-laws (never mind your friends), quality time with the kids, walked the dog... golf? ha, not likely, a short bike ride? yeah right. I understand, I really do because that could just as easily be me and I feel for you because I can't help you with any of it.

HOWEVER, if cleaning the car was on your lengthily list then I can help, better still I can improve your life, give you back time, eliminate frustration, improve your surroundings, make future cleans easier, the list is endless. Sure, I'll charge you a fair price for it but with that price tag comes convenience and efficient use of time and I bet, if I offered to do the Swedish store run for you, you'd pay me for that too!

So, to all you weekend warriors out there, good luck, stay safe, look after each other, give the other warriors a nod, safe in the knowledge that they are going through the same as you except for one thing, you have a personal detailer, who works on your car so you don't have to. Clever that.

Happy Friday everyone!


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