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What do I need?

SO... you have decided to call in the experts, you have taken the great leap of faith and are treating your car to a spa day where it will be washed and waxed, pampered and buffed until it looks like new.

Or should you be? How can you tell what you really should be asking for and eventually paying for? Does your car actually need to be polished and chemically cleaned? Maybe it does but it is more than likely your car does not need all of that stuff. Your professional detailer (my info is down below, I'm waiting for your call!!!!) should walk or talk you through the condition of your car and the options available to you. Personally, I try to find out my clients priorities, is it the interior or exterior, is it more important to have a shiny car as opposed to one that is well protected? This is your time to say what is important to you.

A good detailer will, after talking through your priorities with you, propose a range of services based on your recently discussed priorities, if your priority is the interior and you dont care what the outside looks like then your professional should not be trying to sell your paint correction, at best they may propose a very basic wash and if they dont, my advice is to start looking for someone else to detail your car.

The options that are proposed to you should of course be what you have identified as important and within a decent reach of your budget but should also include 2 alternative directions that you would do well to consider. Firstly, upgrade the service you were thinking of buying. Why? Because for a bit more money you usually get a lot more result. For example, if the interior of your car is the priority I would advise you upgrade either your whole interior clean or at least some elements, like adding a treatment of fabric protector (highly recommended if you have children!!!) Likewise if the exterior is your priority, think about beefing up the protection level with a sealant or the gloss factor with a glaze. A bit more money but a lot more impact.

Secondly, consider options that will make your life easier in the future, an obvious one is the fabric protection mentioned above, cleaning is just so much easier with it. Liquid spills and kids mess are alot easier to clean with a barrier laid down. Trust me - you will thank me when you are on holiday later in the year and your youngest throws up on the back seat. Likewise, I often tell my clients, who lets face it, will from time to time go to a quick petrol station car wash and I know you will too, that getting an upgraded exterior clean now means easier, quicker and better cleans in the future.

Until next time, drive safe,

keep clean...


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