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The reasons are endless but for me (and I am talking specifically about your car interior here) the most important one is that of your health and that of those who travel in your car with you - kids, grandmere, le grand chien ou petit chat. A quick vacuum will remove superficial dirt but think of the door handles, steering wheel, gear lever, window switches and indicator levers. All these contact points are touched daily but when was the last time they were cleaned or disinfected? mmmm,

I know, the disinfectant gel in my wife's handbag is great but to remember to use it each time, lets get realistic. So that's the interior quickly addressed, less germs on the surfaces and less dust in the carpet and fabrics for us to breath in is a good thing and, your interior will just feel nicer when it is clean too. The dog may still be in the back and he brings more problems than just high vet bills but we'll address him at a later date.

Surely the exterior is another story, run it through an automatic car wash, job done, right? Oh yes, job done without a doubt except the job just involved beating your car with plastic strips and spraying it with dirty, hard water and harsh chemicals. Granted if your car cost 300€ on leboncoin (the French version of craigslist or gumtree) this maybe as good as it gets but most of us do not drive 300€ bargains anymore. Imagine your shower at home. The water is clean, there are no plastic strips repeatedly beating you (hopefully) and the products you use on your face and body are adapted for you. Likewise for your car, gentle should be the goal. You want to touch the surface of your car as little as possible as it only has a certain amount of paint and protection and if that is damaged or removed your cars value can fall and it can be expensive to repair the damage or replace the parts. It will also look awful too!

I encourage you to think of your cars exterior surface like you would your skin. Ideally we wash regularly, occasionally we exfoliate, gently (there is that word again) and we should always protect our skin with either a moisturizing cream or sunscreen (that means even you dudes out there so get with the program!) At times we may even need outside professional help like a dermatologist and at times your car may also need a professional detailer to take care of it.

So there you have it, my two very simple but most important reasons why you should keep up on your cars interior and exterior care. If you do it yourself or give it to a professional (like us!) remember the golden rule, first, do no more harm or damage. After that, choose the most appropriate technique according to the level of dirt or grime and the end results you want.

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